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WebHostingUpdate is a webmaster resource that is dedicated to provide unbiased hosting reviews, list of top hosting providers and hosting knowledge. All the hosting reviews are based on personal experience and on recommendations of friends etc. If you are interested to add your own hosting reviews or recommendations of a hosting company just contact us.

You will find best and unbiased hosting reviews of top web hosting providers. Hosting reviews give you an insight about different hosting companies.

1. Hostgator Review

2. Inmotion Review

3. Arvixe Review

In this section you will find best hosting providers in different categories. Hosting needs of every webmaster is different so you have to research about the best hosting provider according to your needs and budget.

1. Top 5 WordPress Hosting Providers

2. Top 5 Shared Hosting Providers

3. Top 3 Reseller Hosting Providers

4. Top 5 Blog Hosting Providers

In the web hosting guide section you will find web hosting articles and tutorial that will help you to learn about web hosting. As a webmaster it is imperative that you should have some basic know how of all the web hosting issues etc.

1. Pros & Cons of Free Hosting

2. Most Important Factor to See in a Web Hosting Provider

3. Points to Consider for Dedicated Web Hosting

4. What is VPS Hosting ?

5. The Myth of Unlimited in Web Hosting